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Simon Atkinson.

Simon Atkinson

Audit, Training and Development Manager


About Simon Atkinson

Audit, Training and Development Manager

Simon is an FCCA-qualified Audit, Training and Development Manager with 34 years of experience in the accountancy world.

Simon has worked in a variety of general practice roles as well as full-time audit roles throughout his career, making him a well-rounded all-rounder capable of dealing with clients of all sizes.

Simon is an expert in staff training at all levels and system development, and he has specialised in the motor trade, charities, and academies.

He enjoys working with both small and large clients and being part of the development of the audit department.

Simon values having all core services in-house and having knowledgeable colleagues to assist him in his role.

Simon has attention to detail, which he encourages all team members to adopt and strive for the highest quality the first time, every time. Simon also enjoys passing on his years of experience to younger staff members to assist in their development.

With his skills in staff training, system development, and attention to detail, Simon is dedicated to the future growth of Ascendis and its team.

What makes Ascendis different to other accountants?

The team at Ascendis are approachable and friendly. They work coherently as a team with the ability to deliver city centre services, whilst being located in the suburbs.

Favourite TV Show:

Line of Duty

Favourite Destination:


Although St Tropez, South of France & Anna Marie Island in Florida come a close second.

If I had a month to do anything just for me what would it be?

Getting all the jobs in the house and garden done.

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