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Many professional firms that are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority are required to undertake an annual external audit in order to remain compliant.

You must appoint an auditor to carry out an annual external audit on your accounts if your firm is one of the following (regardless of your company size under Companies Act 2006)::

  • An authorised professional firm
  • A BIPRU investment firm
  • An insurance intermediary
  • An investment management firm regulated under MiFID rules
  • A mortgage administrator
  • A mortgage intermediary
  • A mortgage lender
  • A personal investment firm
  • A securities and futures firm
  • A service company

You do not require a statutory external audit if your firm is a:

  • Partnership
  • Sole trader

In such instances, whilst not a regulatory requirement, a voluntary internal audit may nevertheless provide you with financial reassurance.

Regardless of whether an audit is required to meet FCA regulatory requirements or are voluntarily requested to provide an accurate snapshot of your firm’s financial health, our expert auditors are here to support you.

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