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Mark Parello, Daintree Wealth Management.

My relationship with Ascendis goes back years and years and years. When I first started working with them what struck me was how personable, friendly and knowledgeable the team is.

They have always been open to any questions that I may have and do their best to give me guidance and advice. I initially engaged them for assistance with my accounts, initially for myself and then later for my business, which I launched six years ago.

Ascendis has been great, providing me with support and advice as my business has grown. I work with a wide range of people at Ascendis, which includes Lorenzo as my main point of contact for my accounts.

If I ever have any queries he gets back to me really quickly. If I ever need any information on anything then he provides it in a timely fashion. Also, the management accounts are really useful as we need the information to do our regulatory returns and those are always done in good time.

Ascendis’ services are really useful. I need to know where the business is when I’m making certain decisions. With Ascendis’ help, we made an acquisition during 2020, which I needed their advice on, and I also bought out one of the other shareholders during the pandemic. It’s nice to know that they have a keen eye on the numbers of my business because it helps me make better decisions.

Based on the services I already received from Ascendis I decided to engage them to manage my audits. My previous auditors weren’t able to complete the audit within a certain time frame, so Paul offered his assistance.

Thanks to the speed and accuracy of Paul and his team, we were able to gather the information that was required and turn it around much more quickly. So, it’s really down to the efficiency of Ascendis that we were able to complete the audit correctly and on time.

I also know Richard Fleming pretty well, and being an entrepreneur himself, he’s very useful to bounce ideas off of. He’s a good guy and I know his heart is in the right place as well, which is really important.

I don’t feel like I’m just a number and if I have any issues then I can give Richard a call and chat as friends and Richard can get things sorted out. So having that confidence in him as an individual really, really helps.

I’ve already made a couple of recommendations to Ascendis and the guys who have used their services have been happy so I’m happy to recommend Ascendis to others as well.

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