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Fuad Mohammadi.

I was trying to buy another shareholder out of an optometry business and we were having a challenging time

Ascendis was recommended to me, as they had experience of helping buyers with similar issues in the past.

I spoke with Andy and the team at Ascendis about how complicated everything was, but he sounded like it was something he had dealt with a million times – it was very reassuring.

The transaction was complicated and so I needed someone who knew and understood the ins and outs of the deal.

To this point, everything had become quite protracted as the other side’s team were constantly arguing and in dispute.

Ascendis came in and took over. Andy talked to the other side’s advisors and just made things happen.

He was always calm and easy to talk to – making everything really easy to understand.

We discussed the best structure for achieving the deal and then liaised with the seller and his accountant to agree the final price to be paid and with the lawyers on both sides to finalise the paperwork.

If anyone asks me if they need a specialist tax advisor and accountant, I will always recommend Ascendis and Andy.

They were always super quick at getting back to me and it was so easy to communicate with them. Andy was my hero during this transaction.

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