Jenn CarsonPayroll

My Experience/History: I was previously a Manageress of a bookmakers for 11 years where I looked after two stores and had a team 12. I now have a young family and I fancied a change in career, I really don’t regret my decision to leave the bookmakers, I really enjoy working in payroll.

What do you like about working for Ascendis? I enjoy the variety of clients I speak to on a daily basis, meaning each day is a different day.

What makes Ascendis different to other accountants? Ascendis has a really nice and relaxing environment, which makes coming into work enjoyable.

Favourite TV Show: Expedition Unknown

Favourite Destination: Being at home with my daughter, on the settee and eating chocolate!!

If I had a month to do anything just for me what would it be? Travel around the country.

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