Asset Finance

Asset finance is a type of lending that gives you access to business assets such as equipment, machinery and vehicles, or enables you to release cash from the value in assets you already own – preventing any compromise in cashflow.

Whether you’re seeking brand new equipment, second hand equipment or extra cash to reinvest elsewhere in your business, asset finance could be a beneficial option.

Asset finance is a great option for SME’s who are looking to invest in their business, but do not necessarily have the available capital. By growing your business and the services you offer, you can generate further working capital and continue to expand.

we can assist you with:

  • Equipment leasing
  • Hire purchase
  • Finance leases
  • Operating leases
  • Asset refinance

Vehicle Finance & Leasing

Most businesses need vehicles of some shape or size – whether this might be company cars, sales vehicles or logistics vehicles. Unfortunately, there can be associated issues and high costs no matter the size of your fleet. Vehicle finance can help mitigate potential problem areas and create a manageable asset to your business. Vehicle leasing and financing can also offer significant tax allowances and savings.

Vehicle financing and leasing products can be useful to any company that requires vehicles for operations, commuting or business travel. Our expert team can assess the options available to you, your business and your fleet and assist you in obtaining the right financial service.

we can assist you with:

  • Car Fuel Benefit Charges
  • Company vehicle leasing
  • Company car schemes and provision
  • Car allowances, mileages and discounts
  • Expenses, Capital Allowances and reimbursements