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Brad Wilkinson.

Brad Wilkinson

Senior Client Manager


About Brad

Brad began his accountancy career in 2014 as an apprentice, working for a small firm in Poynton. He completed his apprenticeship there and worked his way up to become a semi-senior client accountant. In 2018, Brad decided to take the plunge and became a senior client accountant with Ascendis. Since joining Ascendis, he has worked hard to climb the ranks and is now a senior client manager.

Brad loves speaking to clients, getting to know them and advising them. Brad approaches every job differently, taking into account the unique requirements of each client and task. He tailors his approach to ensure that he meets the specific needs of each project.

What makes Ascendis different to other accountants?

We are more than just accountants. We are proactive business advisors always looking for new ways to save our clients money and help them grow.

Ascendis utilises technology as much as possible to streamline services, so we can spend more time advising clients and assisting with growth.

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If I had a month to do anything just for me what would it be?

Visit as many natural wonders in the world as I can!

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