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From bookkeeping for our startup, to the sale of our company to a global corporation.

Cake Solutions was a software company founded in 2001, grew quickly and was eventually acquired by US company Bamtech Media in 2017. Ascendis has been working with Cake Solutions and its Founder, Guy Remond, since the start of this journey and continues to provide advice and consultancy.

Ascendis – A reliable partner

Guy Remond approached Ascendis to seek assistance with various compliance services. Guy was so impressed by the level of service provided by the Ascendis team that – when his internal bookkeeper left the business, he decided to utilise the full outsourced finance department offering available from Ascendis.

Ascendis – An invaluable resource

Ascendis then became Cake Solutions’ own finance department and the service level grew as the business developed and expanded. As a result, Guy had a team that provided all the services he required, including:

  • Bookkeeping
  • VAT
  • Cash flow forecasting & projections
  • Credit control
  • Financial management & control
  • Management reporting
  • Attendance at monthly board meetings

Beyond the day-to-day management of Cake Solutions’ accounts department, Ascendis provided specialist tax and financial planning advice – taking on the role of an in-house financial director, which was invaluable to a business of our size during both our good and bad years.

Guy Remond, Cake Solutions

During periods of rapid growth, our team assisted with tax efficient share schemes for key & important staff, annual R&D relief claims and also worked with external funding providers to ensure the business always had the necessary working capital and cash flow.

In recent months Ascendis have assisted in the sale of Cake Solutions to a large US business, offering expert assistance with the due diligence process and advice & support throughout the sale negotiations.

Ascendis provided invaluable support and taxation advice to our legal team and also for me and the whole management team right up until completion to ensure that our exit ran as smoothly as possible.

Guy Remond, Cake Solutions

Ascendis: Trusted advisers

The Ascendis team is now assisting Guy with the organisation of his financial affairs post-sale, working very closely with wealth & investment managers to ensure all is structured and optimised to ensure minimum tax leakage, maximum income & capital growth and to ensure wealth preservation.

We would highly recommend Ascendis for all the services they have and continue to provide to me.

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