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HMRC provides updated guidance on commuting for remote and hybrid workers.

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) recently issued new guidelines regarding the tax treatment of travel expenses for employees working under hybrid arrangements.

According to HMRC, travel from an employee’s home to their main office is not eligible for tax relief.

As the adoption of hybrid working models increases among office-based employees, there has been a significant discourse around whether trips to the office should be considered as ‘journeys in the performance of the duties of employment’.

Typically, travel expenses that are necessary for performing one’s job are eligible for tax relief.

However, HMRC maintains that commuting to and from the workplace, unless it is a temporary place of work, does not qualify for tax relief.

The rationale provided is that choosing to live at a particular location is a personal decision, and thus the costs associated with commuting from home to work are deemed personal expenses, not essential job requirements.

Nevertheless, HMRC has specified that if an employee performs substantial duties from home, as often seen in predominantly remote contracts, they may be entitled to tax relief for travel costs to the office.

This applies if such travel is necessary for the performance of their duties or is stipulated by their contract.

For those eligible, tax relief can be claimed at the following rates:

  • 45p for cars and vans for the first ten thousand miles in each tax year
  • 25p for cars and vans for each mile over ten thousand miles
  • 24p for motorcycles
  • 20p for bicycles

HMRC also offers a convenient online tool to help determine if individuals can claim relief on expenses incurred while performing their duties.

For further guidance on claiming tax relief on work-related expenses and to check your eligibility, please consult our expert team today.

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