R&D Tax Relief – What can you claim for?

Research and development tax credits can be claimed for a wide range of expenses relating to investments in eligible R&D projects.

Below is a list of expenses that can be taken into account when calculating how much you could claim back from HMRC for research and development:

Staff Costs

  • Employee Salaries/wages
  • Employer pension contributions
  • Employer National Insurance Contributions
  • Reimbursed staff travel expenses
  • Freelancer & agency staff costs
  • Certain sub-contractor costs

Materials & Resources

  • Water
  • Fuel
  • Power
  • Construction materials
  • Software
  • Hardware

There are other costs which can potentially be taken into account when assessing your R&D-related expenditure, but given the complexity of factors which determine whether or not they can get counted, they have not been included in this list.

Each R&D claim is reviewed on a case-by-case basis and our Chartered Tax Advisers will work with you to produce a detailed report, including reconciliation of all your R&D-related expenses and presenting your case for claiming a specific amount of tax credits.

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