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Remote vs On-site Audit.

When thinking about an audit for your business, do you prefer on-site or remote?

For many, the choice may come down to a few things, such as office space, IT infrastructure, fees, or simply the levels of efficiency. We asked resident audit expert, Paul Byrne – Director of Ascendis Audit Ltd, to talk us through the pros and cons of remote vs on-site audits and how a business can decide which is best for them.

Lockdown Logistics

Remote audits were a necessity during the original lockdown in Q2 2020 and during local lockdowns later that year and into early 2021. With the economy re-opening again in July 2021, however, the option for returning to the good old days of the physical audit became available, although we do not know what future the new Omicron variant will bring us…

I’d like to look at the Pros and Cons of both audit approaches from the perspective of you as a client from my experience of handling approximately 50 audits over the past 20 months or so.


Perhaps, the most important ‘pro’ of remote audits are that they do not restrict the auditor to a local firm. This allows a company to choose someone based on skillset, as opposed to location.


As you can see both approaches have their pluses and negatives. From my own experience, the remote audit works best for those companies with strong IT, large Accounts Departments and multi sites whilst on site favours less sophisticated clients with a single, local site. The future may in fact be a hybrid approach with say the planning and/or completion being done on-site, with the bulk of the work done remotely.

The decision is yours and Ascendis Audit Limited are happy to go with what you decide.

Should you have any queries or need any more information on which audit route to adopt, feel free to contact our dedicated Audit team, today.

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