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The last few months have been some of the most challenging times that many UK businesses have faced. Although the outlook is gradually becoming clearer, as we begin to emerge from the global Covid-19 crisis, the challenges are far from over.

We can choose to see it as an opportunity to rebuild and adapt in ways that may not have been possible before. We are encouraging our clients to do the same and we are on hand to provide flexible support and advice for businesses during the recovery phase and beyond from Covid-19.

We will be sharing regular advice, useful guidance and practical suggestions to help your business develop in this new phase of working.

In our latest blog we share five ideas that can be implemented into your business to embrace the increased digital way of working across organisations. 

  1. Utilise Zoom

Even as offices begin to reopen, the restrictions and necessary strict health and safety guidelines mean the number of people visiting the office must be kept to a minimum at all times. Use this time to make video conferencing and meetings a regular occurrence in your business. This not only reduces costs and time, it also allows your practice to establish ‘new normal’ working practices that are sustainable as we enter the new phase of business.

  1. Digitalise Project Management 

Tools such as Trello and are a brilliant option for managing teams and productivity while remote working. Make an active switch away from scraps of paper and to-do lists while you can during remote working and enjoy the efficiency and clarity throughout your team.

  1. Collaborate using Google Drive 

Make use of online file storage software such as Google Drive. This can help you integrate your client work with your team so that you can all work on the different aspects of a project or document together remotely. You can also share your files directly with clients to enable them to review and approve any relevant documentation seamlessly without the constant back and forth of endless email threads.

  1. Increase Client Communications

Your clients turn to you as a source of trusted, reliable advice. During these uncertain times make sure you are constantly keeping your clients updated with new legislation, advice and support available as well as your own company working practices and procedures so they are able to access your services when they need them most.

  1. Prioritise Employee Wellbeing

Many employees will still be unable to return to the office for some time. Although some employees may be happy working from home, others may be struggling with their circumstances which can have an adverse effect on their mental health. During the recovery phase make sure you don’t lose sight of the importance of your team and make their wellbeing a top priority. Continue to schedule regular catch-ups and virtual meetings to keep track of your employees and how they are coping with the changes right now.

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