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Embrace a new way of working with Xero Expenses.

Since lockdown conditions were first imposed on March 23, UK businesses were forced to embrace remote working, where possible. Companies across the country have had to quickly adapt to new ways of working.

The sudden increase in working from home inevitably presented problems as well as welcomed opportunities. Businesses have changed their office policies and protocols and the use of technology has enabled their employees to carry on working in a secured environment.

Things that could only be done ‘at the office’ are suddenly being achieved successfully at home.

Regardless of your industry, software and technology has always been successful in reducing the administrative burden of running a business.

One administrative burden our clients often have is administering employee expenses. The process often involves collating bundles of crumpled up receipts, handing them in to the main office, then passed to the team for processing, approval and finally actually reimbursing the expenses to employees. This process can often involve three or more people.

It’s incredibly difficult to manage a remote team of workers without the right tools. We are thankful for Xero accounting software.

Xero has introduced a marvellous solution for this bugbear: The Xero Expenses feature essentially cuts down a lot of the processing time involved. Employees will be able to make an expense claim via an app thereby saving a trip to the office, they take a photo of their receipt (avoiding the massive pile of crumpled papers or missing receipts) and then Xero will automate most of the data entry involved.

This is just one of the many brilliant features Xero offers to its users.

Ascendis have been proud Gold Champion partners of Xero for a number of years now, helping our clients discover the huge benefits on offer from the world’s leading cloud accounting platform.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Xero and how it can help you run your business then please get in touch with Ascendis and we’d be happy to help.

You can read more about the Xero Expenses feature here.

About Xero

In case you don’t already know, Xero is a cloud accounting platform that provides real-time insight on your business’s financial figures. Data is hosted live in the cloud, so you can access your accounts anytime, anywhere – and crucially, so can we. Sharing this single source of up-to-date information means we spend less time crunching numbers, and more time giving advice – helping you to manage your cash flow and grow your business through better-informed decisions.

Why we recommend Xero

We are always recommending Xero to our clients for a number of reasons. Primarily because it can enable small business owners to take control of their finances in a simple and easy to understand format. Xero is a cloud accounting software that is certainly designed with the end user in mind, the business owner. This means you don’t need to be an accountant to simply understand your current business situation, giving business owners greater autonomy of their finances.  Xero gives greater freedom and flexibility for business owners to take their business to the next level with ease and convenience.

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