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about us

the story behind Ascendis

In November 2004, Ascendis was born.

Named after the Latin meaning, to ascend, the name was perfect for Richard. A man looking to grow his business, while doing the same for his clients.

Over the years, Ascendis has gone from accounting, bookkeeping, VAT returns, payroll and outsourced financial management services to all matters financial, becoming a vital business services function for our clients.

We’ve grown from one man in his bedroom, to over 38 across multiple North West sites.

We’ve become specialists in Compliance, Business Advisory, Strategic Taxation, R&D TaxFunding, Corporate Finance and Wealth Management/Financial Planning. We understand the desire to build something from nothing, and we’ve become a trusted advisor to our clients.

We have ascended. Isn’t it time you joined us?

How do we grow?

In truth, there is no simple answer. Each company will be on their own individual journey, and while many will have shared a similar path, none will have walked in your footsteps.

As a business, Ascendis began its journey in 2004. The brainchild of Richard Fleming, Ascendis grew from a one bedroom ‘office’ in Didsbury to a multi-site business services organisation in the North West.

Following a number of years in financial services, Richard became frustrated with the way the industry worked. The focus on business structure, and pomp, instead of the customer and personality.

Accountancy firms have a reputation as stale archetypes of an era gone by. Men in suits and ties, pouring over financial reports and speaking in corporate tongues. In comparison, Richard was the disruptor. A personable, northern giant, who wanted to do things differently.

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There’s often an inbuilt fear of finance when it comes to business. Many see figures in suits, judging their decisions.

The only thing we judge is your choice of coffee.”

Jason Kings